Red River Gorge Undergound:
Cave Kayaking & Boat Tours

Classic Tours

Classic Boat Tour

Sit Back and Relax on our Custom Cave Boat

Your journey begins as you descend into the darkness in a custom-built cave boat. With an expert guide at the helm, you'll wind your way through the 100-year-old flooded limestone mine and discover the rich history and hidden secrets of The Gorge Underground.

Adult (Ages 13+)
Youth (Ages 8-12)
Child (Ages 3-7)

$49 Sun-Fri, $59 Sat
$25 Sun-Fri, $35 Sat
$10 Sun-Fri, $20 Sat

Classic Kayak Tour

Hop on a Kayak

Feeling adventurous? Paddle your way through the mine in a kayak on this unforgettable one-hour tour. Make your way through the darkness as our expert guides lead the way illuminating the unique features of the Gorge Underground.

Adult (Ages 13+)
Youth (Ages 9-12)
Ride Along ChildTandem Only (Ages 5-8)

$49 Sun-Fri, $59 Sat
$49 Sun-Fri, $59 Sat
$25 Sun-Fri, $35 Sat

Deluxe Tours

Join our partner company Sup Kentucky at the rear entrance of the mine.
Longer tour, LED lights, smaller group sizes and photos included!

Crystal Kayak Tour

Upgrade To Our Crystal Clear Bottom Kayak

Prepare to have your mind blown as you explore the Undergound in a deluxe crystal clear bottom kayak! Underwater led lights coupled with these see-through kayaks provide a stunning view of our rainbow trout and the mine's otherwise hidden underwater details.

Adult (Ages 13+)
Youth (Ages 9-12 Paddling Own Equipment)
Ride Along Child-Tandem Only (Ages 5-8)

$75 Sun-Fri, $80 Sat
$75 Sun-Fri, $80 Sat
$25 Sun-Fri, $30 Sat

Sup Tour

Adventure on a Stand Up Paddleboard

Upgrade to our deluxe 1.5-hour SUP tour and experience the wonders of the cavern in a new (colorful) light. As you navigate the mine surrounded by the glow of your LED board, our expert guides will reveal the best-kept secrets of the underground.

Adult (Ages 13+)
Youth (Ages 9-12 Paddling Own Equipment)
Ride Along Child (Ages 5-8)

$75 Sun-Fri, $80 Sat
$75 Sun-Fri, $80 Sat
$25 Sun-Fri, $30 Sat

Got a Group?

We’ve Got Ya Covered

Gather up your friends, family, even uncle Gary, or some co-workers and we’re here to show you how adventure is done. Give us a call for special pricing and package offers.

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